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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

We are based out of the Richmond, Va area. Our team is located in various parts of Virginia which helps cut down on travel fees for our brides and allows us to services all of Virginia. 

2. Where is your studio located? 
Our studio address is 2604 Whitehouse Rd. Colonial Heights, Va 23834. It is about 30 mins south of Richmond not too far off of 95.


3. Do you offer onsite services?
Yes! For weddings we come to you at your getting ready location. For trials brides are expected to come to our studio. Our studio can also be used for getting everyone ready for a wedding and can comfortably accommodate a party of 8-10.

4. Why are onsite services best?

Having a hair and makeup team come to you saves time traveling to a salon and then the venue. Every minute of your wedding day needs to be used wisely. Most parties would prefer to use that time to sleep or relax instead.

5. How much time is needed to get everyone ready?

Our team needs 15 mins for setting up, 45 mins for each service and 30 mins for touch ups. We will create a custom timeline for your wedding services. With our years of experience we have found a timing that works so everyone can enjoy their services without feeling rushed or taking too much time. Our brides have been so thankful for our guidance on this!

6. What time do we need to start services?

This depends on the services booked. Let's say you booked hair and makeup for the bride +6 others. In this scenario our team (1 hairstylist and 1 makeup artist) would need 6 hours to get everyone ready. We take your finish time (the time everyone needs to be ready by) and work backwards from there. Most finish times are 1-2 hours prior to the ceremony, so if your wedding is at 6:00 pm and finish time at 4:00 pm that would put your start time at 10:00 am. If your services start before 8:00 am there is an early morning fee of $50/hour for every hour before 8:00 am for each artist.

7.What services do you offer?
We offer bridal hair and makeup for brides, bridesmaids, MOB/MOG, flower girls, friends, family and wedding guests. Makeup includes traditional foundation application with false lashes. We specialize in natural and soft glam makeup. Hair services include any up or down style, we specialize in romantic, timeless, effortless and boho styles.

8. How do I book with you?
First you need to fill out a bridal inquiry form. From there, if our team has availability, we will email you a proposal to include a quote for services and our contract to look over. If you are ready to book you just sign the contract and pay the retainer (50%). Weddings are not considered booked until the contract is signed and the retainer is paid. We do not hold dates.

9. How far in advance should I book hair and makeup?
Since our services are in high demand we recommend booking at least 1 year in advance. We can still accommodate bookings that are less or more than a year out from your wedding date. We understand there is a lot that goes into wedding planning but do not wait to book our services. We get at least 50 inquiries a week and would not want you to miss out.


10. Why do you have booking minimums?

Our team works hard, investing their time and money into weddings. It is important that they have high value bookings to ensure their investment is worth it. This means that our team is always fully invested in you to help you and your bridal party look and feel beautiful for your wedding.

11. How many services can you accommodate?

With a large team we are able to assign multiple artists to a wedding. Our largest wedding to date included 30 services. If you have a large party in need of services it is important that you inquire about booking as soon as possible to ensure we have enough artists available. 

12. Can my services be adjusted after booking?

Once booked services cannot be reduced. We are happy to accommodate added services provided our team has availability and time allows.

13. What sets us apart from other hair and makeup teams? 
The biggest thing that sets us apart is our excellent communication. We respond quickly and communicate effectively to ensure there are little questions our brides have to ask. Though we welcome all questions. We understand that there are so many decisions and details brides have to think about when it comes to wedding so we do our best to stay ahead of the questions so you can easily be guided along in the process. Once booked we email you with a list of what to expect (and when) between booking and your wedding. We send trial and wedding prep details, inspo boards for hair and makeup that fit your wedding vision, and are easily reached by both phone and email. We are also SO fun! We strive for excellence in the services we provide but love connecting with everyone along the way. 

14. Do you have experience with all skin and hair types?
Yes, we do! This includes deep to fair skin, dry to oily, young to mature, smooth to textured, straight to ethnic hair, thin to thick, short to long and even those with hair loss. If you have any specific questions about a skin or hair type feel free to email us.


15. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, to both! Many wedding venues require a COI from vendors, if yours does just let us know and we will be happy to send it to you.

16. Is gratuity included in the service cost?

We do not include gratuity and feel as though it should be left up to those receiving services to offer gratuity. Gratuity is a great way to say "thank you" to your artist and to show your appreciation. Typical gratuity for hair and makeup services is 10-20%. All gratuities are appreciated. Gratuity can be given by cash or through venmo. You artist can provide you with their venmo info when asked.

17. What if I have to postpone or cancel my wedding?

We are bummed if this happens for our brides. Per the contract retainers paid for booking your wedding cannot be refunded. In order to rebook your wedding with us for a new date a new retainer would be required. If you wedding is cancelled/postponed within 30 days of your wedding you are contractually obligated to pay the balance. If you wedding is postponed/cancelled prior to 30 days before your wedding you ARE NOT contractually obligated to pay the balance.

18. What happens if K & K can no longer provide services for my wedding?
Thankfully this has never happened before. Should it happen you will be fully refunded minus the cost of any services that had already been performed by our team. 

19. What happens if one of my artists is unable to provide services?
Again, thankfully this has not happened. If one of our artist is no longer able to provide services for your wedding we would first, adjust the timeline to allow the other artists assigned to accommodate the services, second, replace them with another artist from our team and last refund you for any services we were not able to provide and try to help find another artist in our stead.

20. What if I need help and guidance with my hair and makeup?
No worries, that is what we are here for! This is one reason why we require trials for all of our brides. It allows us to get to know each other, learn about your wedding vision and pinpoint the best hair and makeup look to suit you and your style. We also have pinterest boards to help guide you. Whatever it takes, we will make sure you are taken care of!


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