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Kailey Case

Owner & Lead Artist

People say "Tell me about you." And we often answer with a list of things we do. I believe we are so much more than that. So here is how I'd describe myself as a person. When I do something I do it with my whole heart. I am ambitious and chase after whatever I want in life. Joy and laughter are medicine for my soul. I am fiercely protective of the ones I love. It's important to me that everyone I interact with feels loved, heard and important. My friends would say I am the life of the party. Communicating effectively and problem solving are some of my greatest strengths. I have been blessed with confidence in who I am but am also humbled daily and recognize that I, in all my strengths still need a Savior and put all my faith in God.

Now onto what I do. Anything and everything I can. I love learning. I have 2 main rolls in my business. Owner and Lead Artist. As the owner I manage, maintain and grow the business. As a lead artist I offer hair and makeup services. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and also offer in studio spa services that include lash extensions, facials, hair extensions and nail services. 

Details about my personal life. I have been married to my husband Ryan for 6 years. We are the true definition of opposites attract. I have 3 dogs and would always have more. I have a large close knit family and spend a lot of time on my parents farm with their goats. Cruising is my favorite form of vacation. I am most at peace when I am outside in, on or near the water. I enjoy playing water volleyball. New Girl is my favorite show. I make jewelry and dresses are my favorite thing to wear.

I can't wait to truly discover and learn more about you!


Lead Team

Our team consist of 10 artists who work independently and with us to offer bridal hair and makeup services. These ladies below help with the day in and day out running and operations of the business. If you didn't notice, 3 of them are related to each other and me! One is my sister and two are my sister in laws, can you guess which is which?

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